Podcast Development

Creating an initial concept for your podcast including title of your show, finding host(s), selecting a category, style, taglines, mission statements, show descriptions, SEO, and digital designs. Our goal, from this one meeting, is to formulate a continuous strategy to launch, produce, and build to your podcast goals. Our Podcast Launch Survey and Content Schedule can be created from this initial meeting. Here is an example of the Mile High Mentors public profile.

MHM Public Page.PNG

Podcast Launch

From concept to reality. Everything for your podcast is up and running including social media accounts, logo(s), content management system and strategy implementation. From this point all we need to do is sit down and create podcasts! Below is an example of the administrator view to the content management system. Relax, you'll never have to learn this for your podcast, we will connect all the dots. Depending on your strategy your podcast will be found on Spotify, Apple Podcast, iHeartradio, and other streaming platforms


LiD Admin View 1.PNG

Podcast Production

3..2..1..Let's get started! From our development, we will execute our recording strategy and schedule. We ensure that each podcast is recorded in a safe and quiet area for best sound quality. Custom "intro's" or "outro's" may be produced at this time. Scripting. guest scheduling and coordination can also be provided. Recording, editing and mixing of your podcast is all taken care of by us! Below is are examples of The Producer's View - from an audio and video production of podcasts.

Plug Agency logo WHITE.png

Podcast Solutions from The Plug's award winning podcast experts. Record and leave the rest to us! 

Podcast Marketing

We first provide custom content to accompany each podcast episode, then use this content to promote your podcast on social media and other outlets. Also The Plug-Agency provides an analytics report to track the success of your podcast, where your listeners are, and how they are finding your podcast.  In addition, The Plug actively promotes podcasts to our growing network of active monthly listeners. Below are, you guessed it = ) examples of some of the analytics that can be provided with your podcast.

Grow my podcast example 2.PNG
Connect Locations june21.PNG

Podcast Monetization

Let's get paid to podcast! The Plug's experts will develop and create a consistent revenue stream for your podcast. With custom integrations such as, host read ads, social media posts giveaway contests or other creative integrations, the Plug connectsa your podcast to brands who sponsor and advertise on podcasts.

Check out some podcasts we've monetized 

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