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Record & Leave the Rest to Us!

Plug & Play Podcast Solutions from an Award-Winning Podcast Agency
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Get Connected to the Power of Podcasting!

Whether you're a first time podcaster, an experienced personality or a brand looking

to speak directly to your market. The Plug Podcast Agency is here for you.

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Award Winning Podcast Production & Management


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The Plug's team of experienced podcast producers is well-versed in the art of creating engaging and high-quality audio content. We can handle every aspect of podcast production, from recording and editing to sound design and post-production. 

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98 Million people listen to podcasts every week! We'll help create a strategy to collaborate with podcasters and effectively reach thousands of podcast listeners with your message. 

  • Target the ideal podcast listeners that fits your brands audience

  • Connect with podcasters for host read ads so the message resonates with listeners 

  • Reach podcast listeners on streaming apps like Apple Podcasts, Amazon, Music, Spotify, iHeartradio and many others.

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Crafting a compelling podcast requires a well-thought-out content management strategy. We'll work closely with you and your team to fill any gaps and develop podcast ideas that align with your brand's tone and your listeners' interests. Leverage podcast solutions from The Plug's award winning podcast experts. Record and leave the rest to us! 

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