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Podcast Management & Development

Crafting a compelling podcast requires a well-thought-out content management strategy. We'll work closely with you and your team to fill any gaps and develop podcast ideas that align with your brand's tone and your listeners' interests. Leverage podcast solutions from The Plug's award winning podcast experts. Record and leave the rest to us! 

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Podcast Development

Save time and leave it to the experts! We'll manage the entire podcast and its platforms from start to finish plus we can work directly with teams to fill in the gaps. 

Podcast Network Creation -   Create multiple branded podcasts featuring  your leadership teams and success stories.

Branded Podcasts - Produced podcast series made on behalf of a brand. Includes full service podcast management with editing services. Plans starting at $999/month

Full-Service Podcast Management - Record and leave the rest to us! We'll handle all production, management, and content for your podcast. 

Podcast Monetization - We believe in creators being paid for their content. Let us help you make money from your podcast! Get connected to IAB certified audience data, programmatic ads, tracking prefixes, campaign attribution (are you sure nobody used those promo codes??) plus an internal ad server to manage your own ad campaigns. Focus on your podcast, we'll connect the dots and help spread the word so we stay ready for any and all opportunities. 

Podcast Coaching and Consulting - Monthly 1-on-1 calls with actionable steps to improve your podcast. Work with The Plug's experts

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Podcast Production

The Plug's production team will create a recording strategy and schedule. We ensure that each podcast is recorded in a quiet, safe and professional area for best sound quality. Custom "intro's" or "outro's" may be produced at this time. Scripting. guest scheduling and coordination can also be provided. Recording, editing and mixing of your podcast is all taken care of by us!

  • Remote or On-Location Podcast Productions

    • We'll come to you, record in your zone with our experts in Denver, CO or Detroit, MI

  • In-Studio Podcast Productions​​

    • Record in a professional environment  ​​

  • Podcast Editing and Mixing 

    • Audio and Video Podcast Editing. Learn More

  • Podcast Intro/Outro ​

    • Podcast Music Creation​

    • Audio and Video Intro/Outro

  • Event Livestreaming

    • Stream your production to YouTube, Facebook etc. 

  • Podcast Content ​

    • Audiograms, Video Clips, Audio-to-Text Blogs and More!

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